What are you afraid of?

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What are you afraid of? Well, I'm also afraid you just might not ever write me anything here in Zoomer's Forum. So be brave and write something, will you?...

(This topic of discussion is connected to an entry I wrote at my website: ALIVE AT FORTY-FIVE! GETTING MY KICKS AT FORTY-SIX! The entry is entitled: "Do Bears Poop in the Woods?", and is dated Saturday, May 27, 2000.)

-- Zoomer (fortyfiver@yahoo.com), May 29, 2000


What am I afraid of? I'm afraid I'm not going to ever spend time in the beautiful outdoors with my best friend. How anyone can possibly not want to go where the fresh air, and lush rainforest vegetation resides is something I have trouble understanding. I try to turn it around, and picture how I feel when I am confronted with having to do something in the city with people I don't know. That's what frightens me. I get so nervous I can hardly breath. But I DO IT! I know that experiencing new things is good for me. I know that getting out of my comfort zone once in a while will reap me many benefits. Living on the edge can be a good thing. It can lead to new thrills, and excitement and adventures that I normally wouldn't experience. It's a growing thing.

In all fairness, I must say that their are a lot of things I wouldn't try or take part in, if it wasn't for my you, Zoomer. Like sketching in a crowded coffee shop, or going to a dance where I only know a few people in another town that I've never been to and didn't have directions to. Or going to a bar in another town where they do line dancing and the Texas two step, both of which I have never done before, or a million other things that you will probably talk me into in the future.

I'm thankful that I have a friend like you, that protects me when we are in the city, doing new things, with strangers and I'm feeling like a fish out of water. Who uses gentle persuasion when you know I'm just being shy or nervous, and who is creative and ready for fun and adventure, and intuitively knows what will be fun for me and make me happy. Now if I could just make you realize the benefits of the great outdoors, I'd be content. How can I make you understand that I will protect you when we aren't in the city. That I will be strong and brave and that I would never put you in danger. Not on purpose, anyway. I know I appear to be a pussy cat, but if we were in a dangerous situation in the woods, I would come on like a wildcat. So just trust me and come join me (said the spider to the fly).

Love you sweetie Lynn Marie

-- Lynn Marie (karbonskim@yesd.k12.or.us), May 30, 2000.

I believe that I am not afraid of anything. But it is scary to think that while living this way there are so many of my friends and neighbors who do have fears. But I guess I am afraid of never having a special one in my life - a husband. Up until living single was great and fun. It still is. But life is much enriched with a playmate.

-- RUTH ABIGAIL RODRIGUEZ (LAGUNA2000@GO.COM), January 16, 2002.

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