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what did you dream last night?

-- Terry (imzadi22@chickmail.com), May 30, 2000


Dreamed of Anna Maria Island (favorite island of the week). I dreamed that Eric and I were wanting to stay at this secluded vacation home there (facing the Gulf), but knew it was always booked and impossible to get. Well, we were there at Anna Maria with some of his coworkers who said, "you have free run of the house because KForce owns it, and is available to managers". So we were so excited about it, and stayed there. Only later, when we were headed to the waters, Eric was right behind me, then was gone. I was so afraid that he was hit by a rogue wave and I spent the whole dream looking for him. Turns out it was a misunderstanding and he thought I went shopping, he was alright after all, and was looking for me in the stores. The beach was very crowded and I had others looking for him. Later, I had something in my eye and got some visine that was in my luggage, but when I was dropping the drops in, it was blood. How weird is that??

-- Rachelita (how cute is that)? (ecwalton@hotmail.com), May 30, 2000.

I dreamt that I went back to where I lived in Germany 18 years ago to see what has changed. I don't know if people really do that, but there is that commercial on TV where a family shows up at a house and says "Hey, we used to live here" and the current family living there says "Come on in". I think its a hot dog commercial, but anyway that is kinda what I was doing in my dream. OK, some background. If your in the Army and you go to Germany, you're pretty much going to live in government housing because its cheap and its Americanized. In my dream, the housing was no longer owned by the US government and regular German people were living there. So when I knock on the door I am greeted by a German lady who's spreakinzee Deutche at me but I am unable to understand her (sometimes, I acquire a talent of some sort in my dreams but last night I had nothing) So, through awkward hand gestures and talking slowly in English (kind of like all the movies where Earthlings introduce themselves to Martians) I mangage to convey my message of "Hey, I used to live here". The German lady let me in and I look around and see stuff that we had when I lived there. Apparently my parents had to leave a few things behind and this lady thought it was good enough to keep.

Sidebar: Isn't it weird how you can remember things so clearly from so long ago in your dreams? I was able to remember dishes, inn tables and furniture like that that I hadn't seen in years. Or at least I thought I remembered them.

OK, but then something became amiss and I had to get out of there. From there on my dream is a chase sequence through the streets of Ludwigsburg, Germany. I don't remember too much else after that. I usually don't even remember my dreams, so its unusual that I somewhat remembered one. Sorry if it sucks, but you asked.

-- Sean (sean.new@sitel.com), May 31, 2000.

The house. It's a house I know, but I've never seen it before. I see people I know, but they don't look like themselves. I love how we all share that experience in dreams, where something is, but it isn't? Anyone who needs proof of shared psychic experience, riddle yourself why it is that we all share certain dream images...?

Anyhoo, it's a house, and sometimes it's a boat house, and sometimes it's an apartment, but it's always the same place. And I am there with my friends. It's not too far off from my reality, actually. This is a new experience for me. I've always had weird dreams of disco balls descending from the sky and everyone jumps up on red picnic tables to shake their asses, or dreams of fish that eat lobster, etc. I am having dreams that mirror my actual life. The other night I had a dream that I was drawing a mermaid on the bathroom wall at my friend Lee's house (which was the same house as all the others, but not) and something was bleeding through it, something I was trying to draw over. I realized that I was trying to draw over the poem that I wrote for a friend of Lee's (whom also happens to be a former fling of mine, and he shows up in my dreams often). I wrote it when I was really drunk. I was trying to draw over it and it kept bleeding through and I went to the kitchen to eat some of the guacamole that Lee made, and I bit into a star. I put it in Angie's bathroom upstairs, in a dish, and washed my hands. They were yellow for some reason. It left a yellow ring in the sink. I kept trying to find my left shoe. But I was wearing two shoes. I found a room with a weird piano like instrument that made sounds like moaning, dying whales and I played a song on it that made the mirror in the room break. I stained the piano keys red. I remember yelling at someone at some point, someone who kept trying to pull at the back of my dress. I think I know who it is, probably the same guy that chased me around in a previous dream tapping me on the shoulder, saying my name, and running off. The same guy who showed up written on a piece of paper in a jar brought to me by a woman in awful purple pants. My dream lover? Perhaps. But guess what, I've had him in real life. I like him better in my dreams, he doesn't snore.

In this dream, I made love to a song. At least that's the best way I can describe it. And yes, this mirrors my real life. If you know me, you know I'm often floating on a happy green cloud.

-- Ainjel (horriblegirl@yahoo.com), May 31, 2000.

Last night I was in the house again, and there were so many boys! My dream was full of boys! My ex boyfriend Will was in the dream on a couch looking at me rather wistfully. I didn't talk to him. And my most recent romantic disaster was over at this other house, I walked over there with this little boy, who tried to tongue kiss me, and I felt really old. I went in the house and Kyle and Ren were in the garage and Kyle was wearing this wig like thing on his head. It was weird.

You know what's weird? All these people peered into my eyes in my dream last night. There was all this gazing and piercing stares and such. Very weird, I haven't had many dreams of people looking into my eyes, even getting that feeling that you get when someone's gaze penetrates you...

I finally passed out at 4am, after much tossing and turning, and the dream was so heavy that it stayed with me even while I was in the bath tub, thinking, hours later.

Whooeee. My brain is weird.

-- Ainjel (horriblegirl@yahoo.com), June 09, 2000.

Oh, man, I had this NUTTY dream, about the house, of course, and about Disaster Boy who was there with this annoying little teen with blonde dreadlocks and a bad attitude and the whole dream he kept pushing her in my face and I wonder if I'm not fucking CRAZY or WHAT?

I've caught this boy in bed with some chick in my dreams twice now. I can't help but wonder what the hell is wrong with my subconscious, or maybe it's just that I'm incredibly psychically perceptive and am picking up on something he's trying to send?

I have officially lost my mind.


Hope Florida is being good to you, T-Bomb, you really need a break.

-- Ainjel (amitybean@chickmail.com), June 29, 2000.

Wow...been having terrible terrible dreams the last two nights! Night before last, it was the reoccurring airplane crash dream. Although this time, Terry, you were on it with me, but we survived. Then last night, you and I were traveling when we were caught up in tornado weather. We ran into an old house for cover (which turned out being our grandparents house), and I was on the phone with mom asking her if there was a basement. There was, although it was haunted, and by the time I found out where it was, it was outside...too far to get to, as the twister turned into an F4! How scarry! I woke up before it reached the house. I think this has everything to do with the fact that we hit the road traveling up the east coast to our new home in BOSTON! I guess I am getting nervous about what the future holds!

-- Rachel (ecwalton@hotmail.com), July 11, 2000.

Yay! Terry killed Disaster Boy in her dream! Maybe now he'll quit showing up in mine! ;)

I had this very strange dream about being in this Catholic church, I was dirty, starving, and tired, and I was fed there by a bunch of interesting folk, and for some reason I was passing through the chapel on my way to take a plate to the kitchen and I just fell to my knees behind the last bench and started praying my heart out. Gabe (bass player) was in another part of the church "making beautiful butterflies" (that's what the pastor told me). Rich (drummer) I was trying to pick skinned canteloupes from a tree. I eventually went into the pastors sitting room, where they were all smoking pot and talking about whether or not to be more "exclusive" about who they "let" into their church. Very very very strange. And to top it off, that night I fell to my knees and passed out at the Continental Club, was NOT drunk, busted my lip open on the concrete floor, then got hauled mercifully back to Gabe's, where we conveniently found Scorcese's "Last Temptation of Christ" on the Bravo channel.

Hmm. Wondering if I don't have plans for this Sunday morning...

-- Ainjel (amitybean@chickmail.com), July 13, 2000.

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