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Okay I went for this job interview today, and he's like "we just need to check your references and I hope to have you starting by the weekend", peachy keen right? But like when he said the thing about checking the references I actually felt a twinge of nervousness, as if I lied on the application or have been doing some shady jobs or something. What's up with that? I think it's like when you see cops patrolling around and even if you are so not doing anything wrong you kinda sweat a little. Anyone have times of illogical nervousness such as this? Irrational fears can go here too, like how I was cowering in terror of the bat flying about my house last night.

-- Jamie (, May 30, 2000


every time i go thru a yellow light in a car, i have to kiss my fingertips and hit the ceiling or tap the dashboard twice. if i go over railroad tracks, i have to touch a corner of a window in the car. unless it's snowing or unbearably hot, i have to have a window open in my room. i hate roller coasters. the day you see me on one... well, it wouldn't be me. it might be my corpse. you guys know about june bugs and moths, so i won't even go into that. i hate guns. a lot. i don't like being in the same room as a gun, even if it's in a box wrapped in gift paper under a friend's table. i always travel with a book. always. usually more than one, even if i know i won't have time to read it. i fear commitment, but i want to get married someday. i'm all about irrational as you can see. :P

-- siobhan (, June 02, 2000.

ah yes... the "job interview"...
if ever there was someone who was so completely confident in their abilities to breeze into a job interview... flash that million dollar smile... chit-chat... shake hands... and flutter out of there with the job... its NOT me...
I have decided that I am the world's WORST interview. I feel like all my internal organs are going to fly out of my body through all orifices right onto the interviewer's desk and then start singing and dancing like that frog in the warner bros. cartoons... meanwhile, sweating and completely in horror, i survive just long enough (sans internal organs) to watch my heart and spleen do the "big finish" tipping their hats and canes at me just before i die... and to top it all off... i dont get the job.
so as you can see... i am a HUGE fan of the "job interview."

-- mike (, May 31, 2000.

I have an irrational fear of 800 ft. cliffs and white Rastafarians. Just kidding. Job interviews are not that bad for me (who could top Mike's description!), but I'm always nervous on the first day of teaching a new class... particularly when they tell you that the books might not arrive for a couple of weeks and you have to wing it for a bit.

-- andres (, May 31, 2000.

I'm scared of babies. And of new foods/drinks. I'm also quite leery of shadows, people taller than me, and anyone whos nickname is precious. I get really nervous about being rejected too. For anything. Jobs, dates, lunch, whatever. I think that's not so irrational though...

-- Jenny (, June 23, 2000.

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