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I've recently become seriously interested in B&W photography, and I think I'm spending way too much at the local store buying film. Can anyone suggest where I might look online (or in a magazine or whatever) to buy my film at a reduced rate, preferably in packs. And then would anyone be able to suggest where I should look to get my film processed and printed? I don't have a darkroom or access to one, and since B&W has to be sent out from the local film processing place I thought I might be able to find a place where I can cut out the middle man and save a few pennies. Any suggestions?

-- Amelia Crane (ameliacrane@hotmail.com), May 31, 2000


If you're shooting a lot of B&W, you might try buying in bulk rolls. Try the page on B&H (www.bhphotovideo.com) for a roll of bulk film and a loader. Prepare to be confused by many, many types of B&W film. This ain't your momma's Tri-X.

As far as saving money processing, without a darkroom, you're short on luck. I'd like to impress upon you how easy it is to develop B&W film, even if you chose not to make your own prints. You don't need a darkroom or anything, and then if you take 36 shots and want to print one or two, you can go to a pro lab, and save money that way.

Alternately, many towns have rental darkrooms. Ours locally runs $7/hr. Not bad.

Outside of those options, be prepared to wait a while (via grocery store), or pay a lot (via prolab).

Good luck!

-- Mike Watson (mikewatsontv@yahoo.com), March 10, 2001.

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