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I am getting married in October and the theme of my wedding is the 1920's. I am looking a site to show me the decor for center pieces using candles as center pieces w/flowers. I am unable to find any site with good pictures or ideas. Please help. Thanks, Laurie

-- Laurie Stilwell (lsfallon@aol.com), May 31, 2000


Response to looking for ideas for 1920's wedding decore

Firstly I hope you have a very happy day.

I do not know any site that will answer your question but I will have a lok at some books to see if there is anything there to help you.

-- R Bradshaw (dstc47@indigo.ie), June 03, 2000.

I saw just the thing on the retroactive.com web site. Go to the archive link and then the "tips tray" archive. [See http://www.retroactive.com/tiptray.html]

-- Joe May (mayday@raex.com), June 04, 2000.

I have looked through a good number of books on the Art Deco period since my last mail, - many of them are listed on my website.Other than about two reproductions of wedding dresses from the period and one or two shots of celebrity weddings, - party leaving the church and thus not much use to you, I regret I have found nothing for you so far. Incidentally the wedding dresses do not appear to have any special features and are very similar to evening wear of the period. I will keep looking.

It is rather interesting that so little has turned up. Glad someone else turned up something.

-- R Bradshaw (dstc47@indigo.ie), June 05, 2000.

I am also having a 20's theme wedding. Ihave not found much on the suject. I would really like to comisserate with you. please e-mail me back. we might be able to help eachother.

-- Dawn Branstetter (tripiemclean@msn.com), June 24, 2000.

I as well am considering 20's theme. The hall I've looked at is in New York called The Vanderbilt. At the time that I was shown the facility it's tables were set up with a silver candelabra. I contacted the inhouse florist and he stated that he could create an arrangement at the base of the candelabra. Good luck on your search.

-- Christina DiBlase (johngto@webtv.net), July 22, 2000.

It seems many of us (me too!) want an 'art deco' style wedding. I haven't found anything yet but there is a book called Art Deco Fasion - I haven't seen it yet but it may help.

-- Jana Skilins (janaskilins@labstaff.com.au), September 12, 2000.

I have found some good vintage wedding info on the web (I was planning a 50's one but we opted for a quickie ceremony instead :-) Some of the stuff I found is Deco specific. The Retroactive.com article (mentioned in a post above) is really good for 20-30's themes. Here are links:

-- Jenna (jenna@hollygolightly.net), September 19, 2000.

Sorry, can't offer any help. But if anyone knows of any sites or book specific to flower arrangments from the 20's, please let me know.

Thanks and best of luck.

-- A. Gutierrez (adg_77@hotmail.com), April 06, 2001.

I am at the beginning stages of planning my "1920's Garden Party" wedding. I had some luck with the site: www.avintagewedding.com as they have posted a photo gallery of old wedding portraits. because I am planning to do an outdoor garden party on the Maine coast, I also looked up 1920's history, specific to my region. I am still looking for any ideas relating to the "garden party" theme, if any one can help. We want to go relativly casual, and are not sure what would be appropriate for the groom and any male attendants.

-- Ali Lumsden (alilums@aol.com), May 27, 2001.

The answer to all your questions is a book I've just written called "Vintage Wedding: Simple Ideas for Creating a Romantic Vintage Wedding." It deals with the 1910s through the 1920s and includes decorating ideas, color charts, fashion, recipes, song lists, etc. For more information please see: www.streamlinepress.com

-- Daniela Turudich (turudich@inreach.com), June 07, 2001.

I too am having a vintage wedding and I am not sure where any of you live, but I found my dress and bridesmaids dresses in Los Gatos at a bridal store called "in the old manner" She has alot of beautiful things dating back to that time even to lingerie..Also there is a vintage bridal shop in Palo Alto called Designer Gowns 524 Bryant St.and they have actual vintage wedding attire restored...The veils and dresses even the jewlry is just beatiful...Good luck!

-- Gigi Brede (Breezette45@earthlink.net), February 28, 2002.

I have a friend who is having a 1920's theme wedding as well and I am a brides maid. We would love any help you can give us.

-- Allison Scanlan (allicat_1976wv@yahoo.com), May 16, 2002.

Hello, I am having a 1920s wedding as well. For favors I used antique kewpie wedding die cuts i found on ebay. The flower girls basket is decorated with wax flowers. All the bouteniers are wax flowers. I will just use classic antique looking flowers for centerpieces. I saw two table settings in photos of the 20's, and they are usally simple , posible garden roses arrange with no formal look, just cut and put into a glass vase. I know depression wear might be a little older then 20's, but this works nice if you want to add style to any food displays. I will be using a blank victorian guestbook for autographs. (the twenties ones are usally to simple, mostly made for school children) I will encourage people to wear 20s clothing.

One thing I know that can help you gain THE LOOK is using boston fern and house plant palms around. They used these from the victorian days to the twenties as back ground decoration. As for flowers, they used almost everything we have now, just not in outragous colors. Think white, creme and shell pink.

I will be getting married on a stage of an old movie theater built in 1928. Its the state theater in Ithaca, NY. I will get an old car to take me away. A good tip is to conact local chapters of the antique car club association. Some guys will rent the car for free, and just want to be invited to the reception! They love to show off their car, and with the extra insentive of getting photos of people dressed up in authentic 20s clothing near it, they are sold!

Write me if you want to talk vitnage wedding more!!!

-- rhiannon mars (mars@boudoirdoll.com), August 13, 2002.

p.s. I believe "Antique Week" is intersted in publishing my article on antique weddings. I will notify you all when it publishes. I have published an article on boudoir dolls of the 20s with them before.

-- rhiannon (mars@boudoirdoll.com), August 13, 2002.

Im having a 20's themes wedding too and one idea for a center piece i had was a bowl with pearl looking beads in the bottom filled with water with flowers and or candles floating on top. Im a dork I responded to your e-mail address I didnt understand how this worked. sorry... I will keep reading for more great ideas though... :)

-- tiffany jenkins (tryan1176@hotmail.com), April 13, 2004.

I'm in the process of planning a 20'S & 30's wedding this October. I am starting to think about table settings and such. I have come up with lots of ideas some good some crazy and some way out there!! Movies of the day are a great inspiration. In the Great Gatsby there are lots of ideas for decor. A central vase drapped in pearl beads and ostrich feathers could give a really dramatic result. The speakeasy was a phenomenon of the day and they normally had a lamp in the centre with fringing. That could be brought up to date by using fireproof lamp with candles instead. Mirrors were also big in the day and circular mirrors could be placed in the centre of the table with fragrant tea lights placed on top reflecting the light and aroma(very pretty especially during the evening) and a dramatic ploom of feathers in a slim vase in the middle. Another idea is using the archetecture of the deco era has a backdrop. For example a family friend is designing the wedding cake with the Chrysler buildings as a template. It's not going to be a copy of the bulding but by using little pieces of deco design and adapting it to suit, ideas will soon flow (I promise).

In summary, watch old movies & movie sets especially, check out the architecture, fashion and design of the day put all ideas in a bowl mix and hey Presto results!! Try www.askginka.com there are a few ideas on that site for vintage things, failing that there's always ebay.

Good luck everyone, Sarah

-- Sarah Llewellyn (sarah.llewellyn@tesco.net), June 30, 2004.

Here are photos from my 1920's wedding


-- Rhiannon (mars@boudoirdoll.com), October 23, 2004.

I am a florist planning a 1920's wedding for a customer and thought I might give you ladies some help with your florals. First thing that comes to mind for me is white, cream and soft pink flowers....gardenia, oriental lily, hand blown roses, queen annes lace, even some types of orchids (phalaenopsis, cymbids, etc.). The use of these flowers, or similar, paired with a type of fern called "Dagger Fern", which looks a lot like a Boston Fern but is hardier, would make a perfect combination for this particular look. Also try adding something fun.....pearls in the bottom of a clear vase, or adding ostrich feathers for height in larger arrangements. Hope that helps, Katie.

-- Katie Johnson (laurels1@telus.net), January 14, 2005.

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