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Ok - so you know how I got fish oil dumped all over me yesterday - what's your nightmare restaurant experience?

-- Terry (, June 01, 2000


Well, this was more comedy than horror (but only because it wasn't me!). One night about 12 of us did the usual 6th St Bermuda triangle thing between the Casino, Lovejoy's & the Ritz until 3am when they finally made us leave. We all decided we were hungry so we met at the Magnolia on S Lamar for some hangover prevention & munchies. When we got there the waiters had this "Oh no, a bunch of rowdy drunks just showed up" look on their face, so they seated us outside. Our goofy waiter finally showed up at our table after about 15 minutes to take our drink orders. The only girl who wasn't drunk was getting annoyed at having to wait so long for service, everybody else seemed too busy laughing and yelling to care. Our waiter came back outside after about 15 more minutes to ask what our drink orders were again because he was obviously too high to remember from the looks of his crackly bloodshot eyes. At this point sober girl was really pissed and began bitching about the service we were getting. When the waiter returned he went to give sober girl her drink first, when OOPS, he drops a whole tray full of drinks right over her head. Yep, that's 12 drinks dripping down her hair and at least 4 glasses just sitting in her lap. The whole table was silent for a few seconds, nobody knowing wether or not it was ok to laugh. My friend Trey broke the silence with, "Well, it looks like drinks are on you!" and we all busted out laughing. She was really embarassed and pissed, the waiter was freaking out running around trying to gather towels to clean her up. So, if you're ever having a late night at Magnolia, be careful what you mutter under your breath about the waiters, even one negative whisper can send karmic waves out in the restaurant and they might come back to you sooner than you think!

-- BluEyeDevil (, June 01, 2000.

We went to Papasitos, and I ordered beef quesadillas. When they got to the table, I dipped on in guacamole, then took a big bite into raw meat. I mean, I like rare steaks, but they had put these on the grill long enough to melt the cheese, and that was it.

They reacted correctly, though. When I told the waiter, he went back and had them make a whole new batch, and the manager came over and told us the meal was free. We told him not to worry about it, but he insisted that we would not be getting a check. I still eat there all of the time, and nothing bad has happened since.

-- Leigha (, October 10, 2000.

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