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I recently bought an ALbert Adjustable Roll Film Tank at a garage sale in the hope of using it to process 120 roll film. The film should fit, but the tank has some ideosyncracies that makes me wonder how to use it: It is made out of plastic or Bakelite. It has no screw top, and the lid does not fit very tightly. It has two holes: one is in the centre in a funnel-shaped area - obviously to pour in the liquids, the other on the side, to pour out the liquids. The tank leaks like a sieve when inverted. Questions: 1. Is this tank light-tight? 2. If the tank cannot be inverted because it leaks so much, how is the film/liquids agitated? 3. Is the idea to use this tank in a darkroom, where the liquids can be poured with the lights on, and the agitation takes place with lights out and lid off by turning or lifting the spool? 4. Should I write off the $5 I spend on this thing? It does use about 750ml of liquids! Help!

-- Paul Oosthoek (, June 03, 2000


the tank is moved side to side to agitate it use an arc of abouy 130 deg good luck

-- fred holsclaw (, December 09, 2001.

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