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My daughter purchased a home in February of this year. When they went to see the house in Fairmont City, IL 62201, the Coldwell Banker agent told them that everything in the house worked. They were told the furnace worked and the washer and dryer. Even on the contract, it states that furnace was inspected and everything was in working order.

One week after closing and moving into the house, the furnace would not work and neither would the washer and dryer. Lisa had to pay to get washer and dryer fixed. She called her real agent to report that furnace would not work and her real estate agent gave her the number of the insurance company that supposedly should cover this. After sending letters and calling numerous times, the furnace still does not work and her real estate agent has washed her hands of the whole mess.

We are in the process of reporting this to Better Business Bureau because we trusted the real estate agent. I met her on several occasions and she seemed so sincere and talked so pretty but as soon as the closing took place it was a whole different story.

My husband and I are in the process of buying a new home and I can assure you we will not use your agency.

-- Rosemary Oseguera (roseguera@peaknet.net), June 04, 2000


Thank you for your courage and sharing.You and hundreds who read these responses and the few brave ones that post these, will little by little and day by day will change things for ALL of us who have been RIPPED OFF!.Buyers and sellers of homes want to know if their agent is a crook .

-- J.D.Morris (J66666JJ@aol.com), June 06, 2000.

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