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What spooks you in the night?

-- Terry (, June 06, 2000



-- War Motimon (, June 09, 2000.


-- Terry (, June 09, 2000.


*hee hee*

I'll tell you what kinda spooks me about having the house to myself when y'all beeyotches are gone... stumbling in at 5am and being wildly shagged by drunken ex-boything, talking about forgiveness, and laughing a little when you came home to find me wrapped up in your bed... sorry about the sheets, darling... LOL!!!!

But I wasn't really ALONE, now was I? Eek.

-- Ainjel (, June 17, 2000.

I am in the house alone, the phone is silent, and I feel like an artic wind blowing across an empty tundra.

Stupid dumb boys. No, no, stupid dumb me.


-- Ainjel (, June 20, 2000.

I'm in the house, high as a kite, and i CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!!

Ugh... please, kill me.

The truth is echoing in my brain... it's my fault, but I can't help it...?

-- Ainjel (, June 21, 2000.

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