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What's the most entertaining spat you've ever witnessed or been a party to? Was anyone stabbed with a kitchen implement?

-- Sara Astruc (SaraAstruc@aol.com), June 07, 2000


I witnessed my best friend and her twin sister fighting in the kitchen of their mother's house. One had the other in a head lock. When their mother came in and tried to break it up, One of the twins grabbed a fork and stabbed her mother right in the hand... I don't think it's that uncommon. When we sit around with each other at social gatherings we reminisce about old times... it never fails that when this story is recounted someone in the group yells out "I've stabbed/been stabbed by a fork before!" Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

-- Kate Drenckhahn (kate.drenckhahn@tfn.com), June 07, 2000.

My sister, JoJo, once tried to beat me to death with a telephone. While I was sleeping.

-- Sara Astruc (saraastruc@aol.com), June 07, 2000.

my sister and i always fight. it's really pathetic, ages 16 and 19, but we totally beat each other up. We throw things at each other. Broke the phone and the remote control in one night, once. Thing is, she's an athelete, an inch taller than me, and totally beats the shit out of me. pathetic, huh? :)

-- Bethany Rusen (hejira@u-town.com), June 07, 2000.

My sister's friend Louise and her brother had a fight which involved one of them impaling the other with a fork.

Friends of mine in college had fights that involved throwing chairs at each other. And they'd have fist fights too. Now they're married with two kids, but they can still have a screaming fight like nobody I know.

-- Colleen (triggirl@yahoo.com), June 07, 2000.

well since i have been pregnant, my hormones have been totally out of control...about 2 months ago, one of my closest friends just totally pissed me off about nothing...so i called her up and said "im coming over there to beat your ugly ass!" i ran out, jumped in the car, ran up the steps to her apt, and when i got in, we were yelling across the bed at each other, i just jumped up on the bed and started choking her. one of our other friends had to break it up.

but i guess i cant blame it on pregnancy either. in college when i used to live with an ex-bf of mine, i just got sick of all his crap. he would yell at me like he was my dad or some sort of abusive husband or something. so one day, i really calmly turned to him, and said "you know i will kill you, right, kenny?" well about two days after that he came home screaming, while i was in the kitchen cooking dinner with my friends. he came in the kitchen and got right up in my face. i reached into the knife block and grabbed the biggest one, and was staring at that little hollow in his throat where your collarbone is...and was thinking about how i could pierce right thru that..when one of my friends kinda jumped on me and pinned me back...into the gas stove, which caught my shirt on fire a little bit. needless to say, that flame made me let go of the knife :)

-- janeen (sunsheyen@hotmail.com), June 09, 2000.

Good heavens.

Well now I know, if I ever get in a fight with you, to just set you on fire!

-- Sara Astruc (saraastruc@aol.com), June 09, 2000.

When I was about 6, my sister and I were eating hard-boiled eggs. We got into a salt fight. She threw salt in my eyes, and I grabbed a butcher knife and chased her through the house. I don't know what I would have done if my father hadn't caught me.

-- Tony Zag (mraroma@aol.com), June 09, 2000.

Another one comes to mind. I was fighting with... actually, I was picking on my younger brother. My father broke it up. And while we were sitting there, getting the lecture worse than death, he picked up a wrench and threw it at me, knocking me square in the head. So, even though I probably started everything, he was the one who got in trouble. And yes, it was worth the big-assed knot in my head to avoid one of my father's lectures.

-- Tony Zag (mraroma@aol.com), June 09, 2000.

It wasn't funny or entertaining then, but i chuckle about it now. Age about eleven I was at my cousin's house after riding across town on a street car - being the bookworm that I am, reading on the streetcar was my thing. When I got there I wanted to keep on reading but my cousin had other ideas, he ran by tearing a page out of my book. Death sentence - - I chased him upstairs, got him against a wall and with mighty effort tried to feel the back of his head from the front. I don't know if my aim was bad due to my effort to smash him or if he was able to anticipate the course of my blow - whatever. I missed and wiped the skin off my knuckles and bruised heck out my hand and messed up my wrist. My revenge was accomplished, not by me, his mom got the details as she was cleaning and bandaging my erstwhile bloody hand and she gave him an old fashioned spanking. Gosh, I can still feel my fist hitting that anvil of a wall. Wow

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), June 16, 2000.

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-- Sara Astruc (astruc@astruc.com), September 10, 2000.

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