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Hurricane Season: Are you in the path of the storms? Got any Hurricane Gloria stories? Share 'em here.

As an aside, a Sherlock search for the word "rain" brought up 119 occurrences on my PowerBook.

-- Sara Astruc (, June 08, 2000


Does the fact that I've booked our honeymoon (in September) at an island off the coast of South Carolina make me (a) an idiot or (b) a girl willing to gamble on love vs. nature?

If there IS a big storm I'll either enjoy the ride, get the hell out, or help clean up. Depending on when it hits.

I mean, IF it hits...

-- The Last Girl Scout (, June 08, 2000.

I'll go with (b). It'll make for one hell of a story to tell your grandchildren, anyway.

-- Sara Astruc (, June 08, 2000.

My most traumatic hurricane story involves Hurricane Andrew, August of 1992.

We lost electricity for a week, and I had to take my senior pictures without the aid of electric haircare appliances. You scoff, but at 17, that was a pretty major trauma for me.

A tree fell into my best friend's house, so I suppose I was somewhat lucky.

The best thing about that week was sitting in the dark in my bedroom, with my swimsuit on because that was the only thing cool enough to wear, cracking the window to let the hot, humid, damp air in, eating dry ramen noodles out of the package and talking to my summer camp sweetheart on the phone all night because there was nothing else to do.

If you're not evacuated, damaged, flooded, or dead, hurricanes can be swell.

-- dora (, June 08, 2000.

in september of 99' I lived thru huricaine Floyd. While the storm wasn't so bad, the Floods afterwards, they were a tragedy. My quint college town was no longer a town, but more like an island. no way in or out. We had no power, no drinking water, and roads were completely washed away, and beer was not to be found. it had sold out two days before the storm. It was scary to look across the road and see my best friends apartment full of water, up the the windows. it was hard to start back, two weeks later, and try to put the pieces back together. I hope i never live long enough to see anything like that again.

-- shelley (, June 16, 2000.

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-- Sara Astruc (, September 10, 2000.

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