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Dunlop Plants May Face Y2K Backlog Problem

The Times of India News Service

June 12, 2000

CALCUTTA: One of the biggest problem that Dunlop India Ltd might face after re-opening its Sahagunj factory is the one relating to Y2K.

As the operations at the Sahagunj factory were suspended for the past two years no steps could be initiated to make the factory Y2K compliant. The company itself admits that it could not take any remedial measures to ensure that the Y2K bug does not hit the system.

Though the Dunlop management is on record that Rs 20 crore is being invested by the promoter (Manu Chhabria) to re-start operations at the Sahagunj factory, no one, however, knows how much of this amount will be eaten up only to make the plant Y2K ready.

Even Lodha and Company, the auditors of Dunlop, has mentioned in its report that nothing has been done in case of plant and machinery and equipment which requires to be Y2K compliant. The auditors said that the company does not have any future programme including contingency plans relating to Y2K problems.

In the absence of any such measure, Lodha and Company said, "we are unable to express.....what could be the possible impact on the future operations of the Dunlop". Besides, the audit firm also failed to make an assessment how much it will cost the company to ensure Y2K compliance.


-- (, June 12, 2000

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