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Can you tell me about Demetre Shipera, a european sculpture, and where to find out about his works?

-- Brian D. Kessler (, June 12, 2000


Response to Can you tell me about Demetre Shipera.

Your spelling is somewhat off, which is why a web search may not have been very successful. Try to look for

Demetre Chiparus, born in Romania, worked in Paris mostly in bronze and ivory, mainly for the Etling foundry.

Art Deco Ireland

-- R Bradshaw (, June 22, 2000.

Check out the site Here you can find info on the Romanian art deco artist.

-- (, November 25, 2000.

I am also looking for information on Chiparus, have you any ideas on validating a figure as one of his? He used a foundry in Paris called Etling, does anyone know of a foundry mark used by Etling? My figure is called "Arab Dancer" Does anyone know how I can find out how many were cast, when, etc?

Chiparus did very good work.

I appreciate your help.

-- Bill Berry (, March 09, 2002.

I am also looking for a biography on Demetre Chiparus and his bronze and ivory "Dancer of Kapurthala" I am using this piece of work for an exam. Could you please help me?

-- Jade Lea Crawford (, May 15, 2002.

I have a Chiparus sculpture in bronze and ivory of a dancer. It is signed but there is not foundary mark, does this mean it is a fake? I have the perfectly formed slender hands with fingernail detail.

-- Eve Cornwell (, November 02, 2002.

I too have questions, as I inherited several pieces...all signed, and with a round ( about the size of a dime ) mark on the back that says "Etling"...and "Paris". There are so many reproductions out there, I am very Lucky....or just have some nice stuff. There is a book on amazon .com that tells all about Chiparus.

-- Andy Dulin (, February 04, 2003.

I am also after information on Chiparus. Did he ever make figures in white Terracotta?

-- Dorothea Sabeeney (, April 30, 2003.

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