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If you purchased a home with a VA no-no loan and the real estate agent representing you and the agent representing the seller told you that certain work would be corrected by the Structural Pest Control Company ...then you close and you find out that the work did not fix the problem..what recourse do you have? We put in writing to our Broker our concerns and she relayed them to the Pest Control company and she assured us "Don't worry it will be taken care of"...we told her "We are worried"...she being a Broker for over 20 years continued to assure us that the problem would be corrected by the Structural Pest Control Company.. Then we close escrow. It rains and the problem was NOT corrected. We find out the company that our Broker selected used a inspector who was not currently licensed to work under that company and had been let go by his prior Termite employer 2 years prior for failure to keep us with his contuining education. The Manager of the office gets involved and has a meeting with the owner of the Pest Control company (we were not invited) The manager then phones us and tells us that the person who did the inspection is no longer working for the company...and on and on. Two years later we still have the problems and the Inspector is still the Manager of the branch office. The owner used his brothers contractors license on his business card and in his newspaper advertising...but his brother was not working for this company..the work that was signed off as being done was not done..and did not get done for over a year after we notified the company. They called to send out a person and said that the person had a license..we called the state ...again no license...

Question ..since the Broker selected this pest control company...and was notified verbally and then in writing about our concerns ...doesn't this broker and Manager (who led us astray by telling us that the inspector no longer worked for the company)..don't they have some responsibility? Also aren't real estate managers required to be licensed in the field of real estate if they are functioning in the capacity of a Real Estate Manager?

HELP>>>>>>>>we now want to sell the home with full disclosure..of course we cannot use the same broker.

-- Shawna Lynn Manzanares (, June 13, 2000

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