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Hello folks, Setting up this bulletin board is one of my last acts as an employee of CEE. I'm pretty excited about it, and hope it will become a useful tool for the Washer Committee.

May your discussions be interesting and passionate, and may they inspire other program managers here at CEE to start up their own boards.

-- Patricia Quintin (, June 13, 2000


Way to go Pat!

Okay, let's mix it up a bit.

I think we should celebrate the recent agreement on new clothes washer standards because our efforts contributed to bringing about a concrete change in the market place. However, we should also acknowledge that the new standard falls short of the mark for which we aimed just a few years ago. If, as Charlie Stevens believes, a significant number of actitator-type machines survive the 1.26 MEF cut of 2007, we will face very tough sledding if we advocate for even higher minimum efficiencies. More about that at another time. For now I think we need to concern ourselves with what we can do to promote resource efficiency between now and 2007 and beyond.

Got any ideas?


-- Yen Chin (, June 13, 2000.

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