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You know mine, baby! England, Italia and France!!!!!

-- siobhan (zootzie@yahoo.com), June 15, 2000


a bloody shame that is... :P

-- siobhan (zootzie@yahoo.com), June 15, 2000.

i love michael owen. today is a sad, sad day.....

man, i'm depressed...

-- siobhan (zootzie@yahoo.com), June 21, 2000.

Yeay, someone who loves footy! Alright, where do I start: a) Englad- overrated wankers, heh heh. I do think that Beckham's passes and free kicks are amazing. The guy has pinpoint accuracy. I also like McManaman quite a bit (he's underrated). But Shearer, etc.- bleh. b) Italy- the worst bunch of cheaters and whiners. I didn't see that penalty they got against Turkey, but everyone seemed to think it was rather questionable. They always get favorable ref calls. I do NOT want to see them win. c) France is cool. I wouldn't be too upset if they won.

But I like underdogs as well, so if some total darkhorse like Portugal won that would be great. It would be nice for Spain or Holland to finally live up to their potential as well. The Slovenia-Yugoslavia match highlights I saw were great. Holy cow, coming back from 0-3 down is like overcoming a 30 point gap in basketball.

I don't think too many others are going to contribute to this thread though Siobhan...

-- andres (ladolcevita@writeme.com), June 15, 2000.

Well, we can keep it going.... Italy is in the quarterfinals already (*grumble, grumble*). Prediction (wishful thinking?): Germany and England play a boring game and hopefully draw, practically eliminating themselves from the competition.

-- andres (ladolcevita@writeme.com), June 15, 2000.

Well, I'm pretty happy with the results so far. Holland, France, and Portugal are all in the quarterfinals and I like all three. The Holland vs. France match on Wednesday should be great.

-- andres (ladolcevita@writeme.com), June 17, 2000.

I was TOTALLY rooting for France in the last World Cup. I have a french ex and she was back home in France at the time... she said the place was just completely insane... it was just like a nationwide party... and then Bastille Day was like a few days later... so France was just a mad house. I'm so glad Brazil didnt win... I was getting tired of all the air time they got on television and i was sick of Ronaldo and all his hype.

Kelly and I went to a CNN party in DC a couple of weeks ago. It was excellent cuz we met this one girl (whose name I cant recall right now... i hate when that happens) but so anyway... She was from Argentina. Kelly as you may know is from England. It was so funny cuz as soon as they were introduced and they found out what countries they were from... it was like... their eyes instantly turned into daggers and they acted like arch-enemies... and started trash talking... I was so confuseled for the longest time until they explained "The Hand of God" and Diego Maradona... and the World Cup where Argentina beat England on that controversial play. It was really funny actually and they got along great after they both did some trash talking about their teams... Both of them are die-hard passionnate soccer fans... and they were both going with their respective accents... It was like the coolest thing I ever saw.

-- mike (supermike1999@yahoo.com), June 18, 2000.

euh well i'm kinda prejudice here so i'd have to stick to the netherlands! and even without that we'd still win of course! hehe although not to confident about the match against the french.. Like the portugese, and the italians are playing rather well, or atleast winning.. but it'll probably be germany again cause england'll get disqualified and than they'll go through and from out of the blue start winning agian.. :(

-- michel (lord_otg@yahoo.co.uk), June 20, 2000.

poor england...
they lost to romania today...
its a shame really...

-- mike (supermike1999@yahoo.com), June 20, 2000.

England is out of there! You've got to like Michael Owen. He admits they have no one to blame but themselves. Now if only someone would thump the Italians out of there...

-- andres (ladolcevita@writeme.com), June 21, 2000.

Quarterfinals. Portugal over Turkey. Romania over Italy, if the Italians haven't bought the refs off. Holland over Yugoslavia, but it will be very close. France over Spain, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Spanish win. Tough one.

-- andres (ladolcevita@writeme.com), June 22, 2000.

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