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Major Blackout Strikes Mallorca Source: Associated Press Publication date: 2000-06-15

PALMA, Balearic Islands (AP) -- A power outage struck the resort island of Mallorca on Thursday, leaving more than 700,000 people without electricity for several hours.

Stoplights were knocked out and police had to direct traffic as firefighters answered calls to rescue people trapped in elevators.

The local utility company GESA blamed technical problems, saying a rise in temperatures stoked demand for air conditioners and overloaded the network.

The blackout began around 10:30 a.m. and affected most of the island, as well as some areas of nearby Menorca island, according to state radio RNE. The island of Mallorca alone has 700,000 residents.

Power was restored in some areas within two hours, and was to be restored completely over the course of the day, RNE said.

The Associated Press News Service

-- (, June 15, 2000

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