OHCI cards, DV on a PC

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My old man (dad) has just bought a Gateway Solo with an OHCI ieee1394 port and a Pinnacle DV500 for his desktop.

The Pinnacle cam with Premiere which is incompatible with the Gateway's OHCI card. What software should he buy to make use of both solutions?

He needs to Edit small movies on both machines. He can capture type-1 AVI but these are no use in Premiere.

Ulead Media Studio Pro 6 or wait for Premiere 6(?)

Any suggestions would be most useful.

As a sub question, Since the new FireWire port on the newest Macs are OHCI, why is it not a problem on a Mac. Is this to do with Quicktime?

-- Charlie (charlie@k-international.com), June 16, 2000

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