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500 MW power shortage: Low gas pressure at Ashuganj plant disrupts production

June 19, 2000

by Staff Reporter

The country was reeling under 500 MW loadshedding yesterday due mainly to a serious fall in the natural gas pressure at Ashuganj power station disrupting normal production in the power plant.

Sources in the Power Development Board (PDB) told The Independent last night that the total loadshedding during the evening peak hours across the country was nearly 500 MW.

An acute shortage of gas supply to the Ashuganj power station from the Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited forced a drastic production cut in the power plant, the sources said. Against a total production capacity of 728 MW in the station, it could produce only 483 MW yesterday.

Besides, unit numbers one and two of the Ashuganj power station having a total 128 MW capacity remained under maintenance for sometime while the 210-MW sixth unit of Ghorashal thermal power station went on forced outage three days back (on Thursday) multiplying the production deficit for the PDB, the sources added.

As a result, the authorities had no option left but to go for nearly 500 MW loadshedding across the country including 150 MW in the areas under the jurisdiction of Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA) last night. But the northern and southern areas of the country had to bear the brunt of additional loadshedding yesterday.

There was a projected loadshedding of 236 MW across the country for the day, the sources said, adding that against a demand of 2650 MW yesterday, the total projected production was 2382 MW, but in the real terms the PDB could generate only 2141 MW at 8 pm following drastic fall in the gas pressure in Ashuganj power station.

However, the situation is likely to improve by June 21 when all the Ashuganj and Ghorashal units are expected to resume production, the PDB officials hoped and added that the Titas authorities also were trying their best to ensure smooth supply of gas to the station.

-- (, June 19, 2000

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