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In doing a bit of housekeeping I came across on old file that many people will probably remember, the one put out indicating that the US Navy did a report on the Y2k readiness of the major cities utility infrastructure. With all that has been happening with sewage spills, water line breaks, chem spills, and all the other situations that tend to make up our modern day life, I was wondering, has anyone gone back to those old reports and analyzed them to see if reports had any accuracy?

Would be very interested to know if such a follow-up study has been conducted and what its results are. I'm sure there are some utilities that might not be to happy, but such is life.

-- Ron Toler (, June 21, 2000


In Regards to US Navy's Utility Report vs a followup study to all the power outages, water and sewage problems, etc. Very good question, I also would be very interested in perusing such a followup analysis!! Maybe we could talk Jim Lord into chairing such a project since he broke the original story. Moreso, I would be very interested in seeing a side by side analysis/comparison of all these infrastructure and technical glitches as related to frequency and level of severity. Is there anyone out there up to the challenge???

-- Ron Withers (, June 21, 2000.

If anyone is interested the data is still available at the below URL. Tried to copy and paste but couldn't get it to work


-- Martin Thompson (, June 21, 2000.

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