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I'm at a much earlier stage than most of you seem to be right now, being pregnant for the first time and just moving into my second trimester, but maybe you could share your advice, memories, anecdotes, and tips for getting through the next six months. For example, just to get us started: is it true that in time, you forget all about the morning sickness? 'Cos really, I wouldn't mind if the past two months were to fade into a big happy blank in the future...

-- Karen (, June 23, 2000


Take it away, Joanna! (=

-- Jolene (, June 23, 2000.

Congratulations, Karen!!! Welcome to the very elite club: the Parents Club. And you have already earned your Barf Badge, so I see. Way to go.

Truth be told, I haven't vomited since giving birth, but the thought of it has not escaped my memory. I still gag a bit when brushing my teeth, even.

But, even though I thought I was going to die for the, oh, 8 months that I had morning sickness, I have lost 36 pounds because of it. I do think all that vomiting paid off in my case. You don't have much room to lose though, so I feel for you.

Here are my vomit tips:
Peppermint candies throughout the day to keep that vomit taste out of your mouth (don't eat one first thing, though.)
The old crackers by the bed thing worked for some people, but trust me, it's not very comfortable to throw up hard cracker crumbs, so make sure you sip something with the crackers.
Ginger ale works for some people,
I found that the only breakfast I could keep down was Carnation Instant Breakfast. And as a bonus, it's pretty darn good for you.
Let's see... don't get into a car with someone smelly... (oh wait, that's probably just in my line of work...)

-- stasi (, June 23, 2000.

8 months?? Goddamit!

I don't really have it all that bad. I'm nauseous most of the day, and I've developed an up-close and personal relationship with every sink/toilet/tub in the house, but I'm not actually, uh, puking up that much food. Mostly it's dry heaves. Is this too disgusting to talk about in this forum? At least I know you've all been there (or, in Rob's case, been near there).

Okay, so, I'm mostly keeping the food down. The reason I've lost weight is that I feel too sick to want to eat. I don't think of dinner as "eating" anymore, I think of it as "putting food in me". It's a joyless process and one that makes me queasy.

Plus, once I've spewn a certain food, I really lose my taste for that food, so I have to keep rotating my diet to find new things I haven't puked up yet :)

You know what? This subject is getting too disgusting. I guess I just wanted to commiserate a little. Please, someone, tell me you had the morning sickness for less than eight months...?

-- Karen (, June 23, 2000.


I feel for you! Puking is not fun! I can't say I ever barfed while pregnant though I certainly came close, especially with certain smells (like public washrooms and garlic). It was pretty bad in the first trimester, the dry heaves, but it got much better in the 2nd. Can't say about the 3rd, though, sorry. My husband threw up more than I did, though. I could ask him to give you some advice if you'd like? :)

Some other women have tried those motion sickness bracelet thingies with some success...ginger tea? candied ginger?

-- Bliss (, June 23, 2000.

(oh sure, here's a MAN to tell me about morning sickness!)

Heh, having witnessed my wife go through two deliveries, I can speak from vicarious experience!

My wife never threw up during either pregnancy, but did feel quite nauseous for the first trimester of each one. By the second trimester, however, she had a lot more of her energy back, without the sickness. The third trimester, she complained about a lot of soreness and just being "uncomfortable", but no sickness.

Personally, I just gained all the weight with her....then she lost it with the delivery...and I'm still working on it. Oh I know, "poor man, he has it SO rough" heh.


-- Bob (, June 23, 2000.

Personally, I never had one day of morning sickness (you can shoot me now), save for an occasional queasy feeling while brushing my teeth. My mom had dry heaves bad when she was pregnant with me, though, and I know how bad she said it was.

BUT, Kevin had morning sickness (no joke) and had more symptoms of pregnancy than I did. Weight gain, morning sickness, tired all the time. So weird how that can happen.

-- Allison (, June 25, 2000.

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