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The BIGGEST thing is that I learned to have even more patience. My mom always said I was the most patient person she knows. But I think I am moreso, now.

When all the utensils are scattered from one end of the house to the other, the plastic containers are all over the kitchen, crumbs on the floor, and he's working on another cabinet, I still make myself have patience.

Even when he first brought me the contents of his diaper.

I may not have had a good stomach, but dammit, I had patience. LOL

-- Allison (, June 23, 2000


The safe utensils and cabinets, that is. I keep the others childproof. I must clarify.

-- Allison (, June 23, 2000.

Well, my child has only been in my life... hmm... ten months if you count the time she was incubating... but so far, she has taught me how to stand up for her. I mean, she didn't necessarily mean to teach me this, but in the past four weeks the most important thing I have learned is that nobody will ever advocate for my child except me (and my husband, I suppose.) That if I don't like what someone is doing/saying to her, then I need to stop it, because nobody else will. And this will be all her life, until I teach her to advocate for herself. It's one of the first things I plan to teach her, is to stand up for herself and don't let people push her around, including her own family *and her own mom*.

-- stasi (, June 23, 2000.

I think that having a child has made me more responsible or feel more so. I've always been one to hate responsibility even though I outwardly appeared "responsible." I don't mind being responsible for her, though. There's a big difference.

-- Bliss (, June 23, 2000.

oh goodness...uhm...quick list. they have made me more patient, more gentle, more protective and more careful. I find myself driving more carefully even when they are not in the car. I don't take unnecessary chances. I don't place myself in any positions that might endanger me. They need their dad to come home.

More than anything, though, they have forced me to take a good look at my morals and ethics...and how I treat those around me. It does not take long to realize that we as parents are the greatest and most important role models our children will ever have. Every thing we say and do means something. It's quite a challenge.

But definetely one that is worth the effort.

-- Bob (, June 23, 2000.

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