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As a Y2K'r(maybe fanatic by some accounts)prep, study, large library and the whole nine yards I must say I was surprised when 2000 rolled around and by most accounts uneventfull other than all the revelry. For a while I felt ridicoulus (but just for a while)that all the study, prep, etc., was in vain. That just maybe I was boonswaggled by all the dupe/hype. After all there seemed to be so many heavy hitters who knew what they were talking about (techies, Phd's and that sort). Coupled with the underlying tone of government officials and their just flat made sense that mankind had pushed technology too far, too fast. I feel that I can honestly say that am a better man for it for my knowledge of the world grew immensly.

-- Ron Withers (, June 23, 2000

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