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WE live in an Art Deco building in Naples, Florida. The color of the building is tan and white with black lines and the parking lot is black asphalt. We're thinking of paving the parking lot with brick pavers but wonder if that fits in with Art Deco colors and architectural style. Please let me know of your thoughts on this matter so important to the people who live in our condominium. All possible haste is greatly appreciated. Our Board is posed to decide on this issue next week. Thank you in advance for your attention.

Karen L. Ryan 3100 Gulf Shore Blvd. No.

-- Karen Ryan (, June 24, 2000


Response to What are the art deco colors?

Hello, I am an architectural historian and board member of the Art Deco Society of Washington. I recently returned from the national meeting of the Society of Architectural Historians, which was held in Miami. My immediate reaction is that brick pavers would not be appropriate. I do not think that they were used in the Art Deco period. I think the black asphalt would be fine. If a lighter color is wanted, concrete could be used, with careful attention to the colors of the aggregate and cement binder. Good luck. Linda Lyons Art Deco Society of Washington

-- Linda Lyons (, June 26, 2000.

Response to What are the art deco colors?

I do love Naples. look forward to seeing what you do at Christmas.

I agree, brick paviors are not appropriate and ideally plain white concrete would be a better option. Black asphalt is also better than brick.

-- R Bradshaw (, June 28, 2000.

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