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Anyone else dreaming of boy bands? Or am I just really, really sad?

Spill your sex dreams here!

-- siobhan (, June 26, 2000


i used to dream about the backstreet boys all the time... but lately its been all nsync baby!!! WOO WOO!!! and sometimes those boys from hanson but thats not too often im afraid.

***note*** that was all purely in jest...
i have sex dreams with women who are always changing or morphing into different women... kinda like the sex scene in Devils Advocate with Keanu Reeves... but not as scary...

-- mike (, June 26, 2000.

N'Sync? Keanu? Are we talking about sex "dreams" or sex nightmares here? I'm, sadly, one of those people who seldom remembers his dreams.

-- andres (, June 27, 2000.

Once I was at a old used book store at night,it was a very old,large store with corridors and walls of books.I met a woman there,she was dark haired,dark eyes and wearing a red dress. We eyed each other through the aisles, taunting one another we cornered one another, we started kissing and......wait a second........ that really happened......lemme think for a bit.....

-- Jeff (, June 29, 2000.

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