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My husband and I were screwed by a Coldwell Banker agent, in Garden Grove. The agent and buyer stole the keys from the lockbox. Days after the keys was missing, my house suffered water damage which cost over $1,500.00 to repair.

I have contacted Coldwell Banker corporate office and spoke to Claudia Sinclair. She told me there is basically nothing they can do. She only offered to go talk to this agent.

I am outraged by this kind of unethical and criminal behaviors of Coldwell Banker agents. I am currently considering filing criminal suit against Coldwell Banker and their agent. I am not giving up without a good fight with Coldwell Banker.

All of us consumer on this board should contact a national T.V. consumer advocate to voice Coldwell Bankers criminal and dishonest activities. We, the screwed Coldwell Banker consumer, have a duty to let the public know about Coldwell Bankers' dishonest and criminal business practices.

I ask that all of you who has been hurt by Coldwell Banker write your story and post it at your local post office and e-mail it to your co-workers, friends, relatives and neighbors. Maybe then we will get the attention and action to be taken against Coldwell Banker. Please let me know what other actions can be taken against Coldwell Banker.

-- Connie Chan (, June 26, 2000


I am sorry for your problems-but a National pattern has developed on this site of massive fraud,deception,misrepresentation.Even criminal activities.All those victims NEED to SPEAK OUT AND UP about it. A new website to complaint at is, they will send and post your problems. Another good website is All of this effort HELPS US ALL. Name names,CEOS,titles,offices put faces and places on those who feel they can scam and run with immunity.This site has been a great service for thousands to tell the truth.Bill should get a commendation on it.

-- J.D.Morris (, June 28, 2000.

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