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What is it "rhizostomus" Chap. XXVI Trouble dans les Andains.

-- Sebastian Brunner (glassartjbc@iol.cz), June 28, 2000


I don't know - a giant blue oceanic toad is my guess.

Antioche, by feel, threw another grenade into the hole. An unearthly moaning followed the explosion and a jet of warm fluid inundated the four fellows who recoiled, horrified, having recognized the odour of the blood of a toad.


They could hear now, from the other side of the wall a low vague sound accompanied by a hideous plashing, like the feet of a baboon running in a runny puree of potato. Antioche, courageously, directed yet again the beam of the torch towards the opening, which appeared again, slightly enlarged, its borders stained salmon red. A hand wriggled there a while, then grabbed hold of the edge of the hole and the head of an incredibly bearded sexa-generian came into view, followed by the emaciated body of an old man of gigantic stature carrying under his arm a roll of time yellowed pages.

"I came by boat, " he gasped. "On the blood of Jules...poor Jules...you killed him...I loved the poor old fellow so much..."

"Who's Jules?" asked Serafinio, who had a knack for being quick on the uptake.

"Jules?...Of course!..." responded the old man. "A fully grown giant Rhizostomus azurea oceanis...formerly captured...Maliopi...Ah!...These hiccups.,...They'd give you the pip...they'll be the death of me!..

-- robert whyte (rob@toadshow.com.au), October 07, 2001.

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