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thanks for all the info.! i got him to drink from a pail about 24 hrs. after he got here . he seems to be doing well,running,playing and such. it was so frustrateing! be whats not? thank again. when should he be band? i do not want a bull.

-- renee oneill (, June 30, 2000


I band my bull calves as soon as possible after birth. Sometimes while momma is still licking them clean. Those I missed will get cut this fall. Make sure both testicles are within the band. Leaving him as a bull will make him grow faster, but then you would need a head gate to cut him later. If you don't have a bander, perhaps you can borrow one from your vet or a neighbor with a herd. First year I cut calves a co-worker of my neighbor asked me to keep the testicles for him for Sunday dinner. To each his own.

-- Ken Scharabok (, June 30, 2000.

Ken, calf "fries" are some of the best eating there is.

-- terrell (, July 01, 2000.

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