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The entry for the 28th made me wonder who would be the perfect actress to portray Sara in a film. She mentions Claire Danes, but in my mind she is not a Claire Danes. So what I want to know is who else would she pick or who do other people think should portray the heroine of Perfect Way?

-- eric (, June 30, 2000


When I picked Claire Danes, I was specifically thinking of the Robin Altemus story on The List. Well, Claire Danes at the time of "My So-Called Life."

I liked it that she was pretty, but that you might not have noticed it at first glance... the kind of pretty the boys in her grade might have passed by, but still something there. I was kind of funny-looking in high school... all wide mouth and buck-teeth and everywhere hair. It took me awhile to grow into my face.

I have no idea who I'd choose to play me now. It's hard to tell when it's you.

-- Sara Astruc (, July 01, 2000.

Sarah Jessica Parker, because I imagine Sara as inhabiting a somewhat Sex and the City-esque milieu, at least when she's in New York.

-- David Frazer (, July 01, 2000.

Kim Walker. No doubt.

She was in the movie Heathers but I haven't seen her around since 1995-ish.

a photo

-- krystyna (, July 01, 2000.

I agree - Sarah Jessica Parker. Maybe it's something in the hair. :)

-- L. (, July 01, 2000.

Meg Ryan.

She popped into my head, not necessarily for her looks, but for the characters she frequently portrays. She is sensible, thoughtful, humorous, courageous and knows her own mind. She has her foibles, but also the inner strength to work through them. She reasons out loud, much as Sara reasons onto her laptop. Both she and Sara are the type of person I think I would enjoy a shop and a long lunch of people-watching with.

-- Meg Stone (, July 02, 2000.

Sarah Jessica Parker?? Nonono.

I mean, I'm not sure who I would cast, but Sarah Jessica Parker would be last on the list. And I'm pretty sure that part of her audition would entail burning all of the horrible clothes she's been wearing on SATC.

Portia diRossi, possibly.

-- Jackie Danicki (, July 02, 2000.

Hmm . . . the movie version of Perfect Way?

What to call such a movie? Stee-less In Manhattan, When Robin Met Sara, or Driving Miss Camilla?

Starring Elisabeth Shue (alternate: Courtney Thorne-Smith) as Sara Co-Starring: Jennifer Grey (alternate: Gillian Anderson) as Dana Robin Williams as Rob Rummel-Hudson

and Introducing Stee as Stee

-- matt (, July 03, 2000.

"Long Blows the Hurricane" stars Anne Bancroft as Sarah, a woman with a past she can't forget and future she can't fathom. From chic Palm Beach to the gritty streets of Manhattan, follow Sarah's search for love and forgiveness. With Ray Milland as Robin Altemus, the man who haunts Sarah's love, and Peter Gallagher as Ben, the knight in shinging amor. Filmed in glorious Technicolor.

-- Pietro (, July 05, 2000.

parker posey. yea i know she doesn't look like her, and sarah is smarter than alot of posey's characters, but its "attitude" sarah tries to hide that parker can bring to the surface. as Directed by Hal Hartly. in black and white. soundtrack by marianne faithfull.

-- joev (, July 05, 2000.

madonna definately :) she'll have you down to a tee. a bold and brassy, kinda dominating figure hahaha. how sexy would that be? i think you should get on the phone to her agent...

-- alex mccaskill (, July 05, 2000.

Elisabeth Shue would be my first choice to portray Sara, but I have to admit that there is something about Sarah Jessica Parker that is also appropriate for the role. Of course one could always opt for a more edgy performance from say Jennifer Jason Leigh who started out so innocent way back in the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

-- eric (, July 06, 2000.

Okay, okay... I was going to ignore this question. I mean it seemed unrelated to the things I wanted to think about. However it continued to haunt me (sorta like trying to figure out the name of an actor/ actress in a very late night film/rental).

Then, due to all kinds of now non-important reasons, I had a dream about a found journal and some cheesy jazz. Of course, Manhattan's stinky, crowded, Midtown Blade Runner-looking night streets ... woke up with chills and came to this most flawed conclusion - Juliette Lewis as Sara with a soundtrack by They Might Be Giants.

-- Kent Alexander (, July 06, 2000.

I don't think anyone can play Sara as well as Sara. It would be like casting Halle Berry as Storm, or Nicholas Cage as Superman (heaven forbid). Just plain wrong. Sara's already got experience in front of an audience and the camera. Anyone else is too short, too ditzy, too serious, too hot, too cold, etc. This Sara is just right though. Lights. Camera. Action!

-- scott (, July 08, 2000.

I have read all the postings to this subject up to now. If I had the ability to cut to the chase and the proper language to express it - - - I would have written what Scott just wrote.

-- Denver doug (, July 09, 2000.

Dolly Parton as Sara Willy Nelson as Robin

Call it "The Perfect Way I boozed and drugged my way through life and my GOD you've got a big rack!"

No, in all seriousness, I think Sara Jessica would be a great choice but Elizabeth Shue seems to have the range. Hmm, but is this a comedy or a drama? I think Nora Ephron should do it.

-- Kerri (, July 13, 2000.

Julienne Moore. But I always say Moore.

-- Jim Valvis (, July 26, 2000.

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-- Sara Astruc (, September 10, 2000.

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