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Tuesday, July 4, 2000

A staff report

A snake slithered into a Public Works Commission regulator Monday evening, disrupting power for about 750 customers, including Cross Creek Mall.

The snake crawled inside the regulator at the substation on Cliffdale Road by the All American Freeway about 9:30 p.m., said David Stiff, an emergency system dispatcher with the PWC.

Around 750 homes and businesses on and near Skibo Road were without power for less than 30 minutes, Stiff said.

He did not know what happened to the snake.

-- Doris (, July 04, 2000


Squirrels? Possums? Drunks? Now it's snakes? Aw, gee whiz, PR people. Come on. This is all getting so stetched. Can't you do better than that?

What's the one about the eagle that flew into a transformer, blowing out power, somewhere in Asia last month? That was a bit of a new twist.

-- Loner (, July 04, 2000.

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