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can a person major in sports psychology in school rather than just general psychology? and, if so, which schools offer these programs? thank you

-- kim g (, July 06, 2000


Yes, one can major is sport psychology (usually in a Physical Education/Exercise-Sport Science Department). However, there are also a handful of Clinical/Counseling psychology departments that take students who are interested in sport psychology. Students have also pursued degress in psychology and then completed internships in athletic settings/working with athletes (e.g., athletic departments, sport medicine, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc.)

More importantly, you want to follow the best training route for what it is you would like to do as a "sport psychologist," which may involve psychology, counseling, exercise/sport science or a combination. This can be done through talking w/students, professionals in the field, attending conferences, visiting programs, etc. Take a look at our brochure entitled, "Career Tracks in sport and exercise psychology." You can get either directly from APA Division Services or download/print out from this Div47 website (publications). If you would like to obtain information of various graduate programs in sport psyshology, there is an excellent resource available to students from Fitness Information Technology Publishers (Morgantown, WV) entitled "Directory of Programs in Applied Sport Psychology" by Michael Sachs et al. You can see more information about this directory at the FIT website (, or to order, call FIT at 1-800-477-4348.

Good Luck!

-- Renee Newcomer, Div47 Student Co-Representative (, July 18, 2000.

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