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Blind Soldier- Flora/Caldonia

This is an interesting story.

GEORGE MURRAY and his wife "MRS. RUSSELL", the parents of the below mentioned blind soldier, were born in North Carolina, probably in the early 1800's. Their son WILLIAM RUSSELL MURRAY was born in ANSON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, March 8, 1842. William Russell Murray had 2 daughters which he named with the traditional Scottish names of FLORA and CALDONIA.

MY ENDEAVOR is to find the parents, grandparents, g grandparents (and more extensive pedigree), of GEORGE MURRAY OF NORTH CAROLINA AND HIS WIFE MRS. RUSSELL. Is there any one reading this message that can help me with this quest?

Given (1)the place of birth of William Russell Murray being in Anson County NC, a place where many Scots who came into the Cape Fear region settled, and (2)the fact that he named his daughters Flora and Caldonia: my endeavor is to discover their North Carolina and other origins with an assumption that they may be of Scottish origins.

George's son, William Russell Murray, was the Blind Soldier. He was born a Southerner and enlisted in the Union Army in a regiment from Marion County Tennessee, near Chattanooga, where he spent most of his adult life.

Family tradition relates that WRM lost his eyesight because of an explosion in the operation of an artillery piece.

WRM married SUSANNAH MARGARET BIBLE in MARION COUNTY TENNESSEE in 1865. Susannah died in 1872, and since WRM is blind, we find daughter Flora being raised in 1880 by her Aunt Louise, the wife of WILLIAM OWEN BEENE.

William Russell Murray, the Blind Soldier, died in ST. CLOUD FLORIDA in 1923 a part of a colony of elderly veterans founding that town who were members of the "Grand Army of the Republic" Union Soldiers organization. His Will was probated in Marion County TN and he was buried in TATE CEMETERY on the BATTLE CREEK in Marion County.

I give this information as context to hopefully enlighten THE TRUE FOCUS OF THIS MESSAGE: which is to discover the heritage of GEORGE MURRAY OF NC, AND HIS WIFE MRS. RUSSELL.

I would very much appreciate any and all help that anyone can give relative to my quest.

MY GOAL IS TO: get the Murrays and the Russells back to Scotland, Ireland or England and have a kilt wearin, bagpipe lovin member of the family.

My name is Barbara Garrett and I work at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. I will very much appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks, Best Regards, Barbara.

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-- Barbara Angus Garrett (, July 15, 2000

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