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You will excuse, I hope for it my imperfect English. I am French and I take part in a competition whose a question relates to Park Plaza of New York!

Here the question :

En Frangais : Achevi en 1931, le Park Plaza de New-York est considiri comme l'un des plus beaux immeuble Art Deco de la ville. Mais dans quel quartier se trouve-t-il ?

  1. Dans le Bronx
  2. ` Central Park West
  3. ` Greenwich village

In English : Finished in 1931, Park Plaza of New York is regarded as one of most beautiful the building Art Deco of the city. But in which district is it ?

  1. In Bronx
  2. in Central Park West
  3. in Greenwich village

In spite of long search on Internet, I do not find anything on this building. Could you help me to solve it?

I excuse myself to have disturbed to you, and thanks you in advance for the answer which you will be able to me to bring

Eric Duetthe

-- Eric Duetthe (, July 15, 2000


I think that the answer you want is Central Park West.

Good luck.

-- R Bradshaw (, July 16, 2000.

I thank all those which sent an answer to me and communicates to you this one which was sent to me by Tony Robins

"The Park Plaza, completed in 1931, is an Art Deco style apartment house at 1005 Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. It is a New York City landmark -- if you look at the "landmark" page on my art deco site, you will see it listed there. Art Deco Metropolis: "

-- Eric Duetthe (, July 16, 2000.

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