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I now have two tattoes! The first, on my left calf, is an engraved ankh, except instead of a normal crosspiece, it has bat wings shaded in red.

My newest is a 46-inch-long line of HTML twining around my upper right arm.

To see the code, and what it looks like when viewed in a browser, go to Right-click and select "View Source" to see the code!

-- suriel (, July 15, 2000


p.s. it'll display cooler with this font:

sorry to all you Mac-folk, but it's True-Type only.

-- suriel (, July 15, 2000.

It's nothing fancy, and so small and simple it only took fifteen minutes, but at the moment, the only ink I've got is the Five Fingered Hand of Eris on my upper back between my soulder blades. The design is all black and consists of three intersecting lines, measuring five centimetres long.

Nothing elaborate, but I like it (plus, it actually didn't hurt at all!) =>

-- Audrey (, July 15, 2000.

My first is on my right calf above the ankle. It's a 3.5 tall full color chinese dragon. My second was a spur of the moment choice location. I knew I wanted another dragon, just didn't know where. I made the decision of my right hand behind my thumb and index finger. My crown jewel is the pair of Japanese Koi that occupy my lower back. They swim in the symbol of yin/yang. They don't really have an accurate size as they stretch and shrink as I move. Talk about pain! That one was the worst, but it's true - you forget the pain. However, I do believe I'm done in the tattoo arena.

-- shawn (, July 16, 2000.

I have a small chunk of graphite embedded in one side of my abdomen from a pencil accident of my youth. That's as much writing as I've got done on myself so far.

-- ChupCHUP (, July 29, 2000.

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