C-B in Montana sells toxic waste home exposing small children

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Greed by Coldwell Banker and its employees,insurance Companies, have now threatened the very lives of every family member to cancer. No disclosures were given to our family.A court protection order was put in place to keep violence,threats,intimidation from our family. The latest engineers reports,lab test indicate that our home had high levels of toxic substances that small kids have been exposed to for over three years. We will wait now for the next 20 years . Coldwell Banker's injustice and not caring for families and children is not only criminal,but it is an outrage to decent civil people everywhere. Please pray for our family,please pray for the Billings Coldwell banker office.The office website states it loves children and families But the cruel reality of our purchase and pending disaster of our nightmare happening is far different.SHAME ON THEM!

-- The Morris Family (J66666JJ@aol.com), July 17, 2000


8/8/2000 UPDATE Victims throughout the U.S. of CB abuse are posting messages contacting media and letting this Billion dollar Corporate Bully know that they are tired and are NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. One good posting sight for complaints that has got response from CB is : www.ecomplaints.com click on realtors and www.e-thepeople.com and send a petition or complaint-millions will see it and hear your story. Let BIG BLUE CB know that thousands of victims will not go away until justice and fairness is for all!.Go Bless

-- J.D.Morris (J66666JJ@aol.com), August 09, 2000.

UPDATE 8/24/2000 Needless to say justice for victims of coldwell bankers outrageous acts have not changed.Today a resolvance meeting was held by the key players;broker,lawyer,sellers,buyers. But when I spoke of my children suffering the broker mocked my children,wife and I with a contempt of arrogant defiance when confronted with the truth.Needless to say our meeting evaporated into lawyers taking the low Road. C-B's lawyers are filling briefs desperatly wanting the non-disclosed toxic evidence thrown out. Almost four years our family has fought not only for our rights but the countless hundreds in this state where NO Real Estate regulations exsist to protect the victims.Please speak out,please pray for all our families in Montana with toxic disaster waiting to take our lives. IS JUSTICE FOR THE RICH ONLY?,IS IT NOT FOR ALL OF US?

-- J.D.Morris (J66666JJ@aol.com), August 24, 2000.

8/30/2000-UPDATE TO TRIAL OF COLDWELL BANKER-THE BROKERS The day is soon approaching-Sept.25,2000 when our family can take the issues of this case to court.The Coldwell Banker lawyer refuses to even pay for the Toxic cleanup,fix the flooding(no disclosure).He has offered 10 cents on the dollar of damages.Our children(small face a future of fear from carcigenic materials that was never disclosed. We hope that other interested consumers,legal consumer groups and those who love justice will come to support our families that have been victims of posioning of children by international and national corporations.corporations can pay an attorney hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover-up the truth and prevent justice.But the past customers and consumers will not forget pain and suffering that GREED and fraud,misrepresentation,criminal activities cause small children and disabled customers.Shame on them all!WE WILL NOT FORGET YOUR CRIMES OR GREED!. Thank you to the hundreds of e-mails,your praysers

-- J.D.Morris (J66666JJ@aol.com), August 30, 2000.

UPDATE:sept.13/2000 Justice has been bound,truth has been removed from the court by the lawyers of Coldwell Banker that has successfully had the toxic claims (documented) dismissed from our case.Montanas real estate industry again has destroyed a families future,each day the disaster grows for our children.The CEOS of these giants in real estate have spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars covering up the truth.Is it not fair to say that when evidence can be dismissed without review by a court that special interest control everything in that state?. How can I tell my children that to trust ever again the elected officials that refuse to stand up to corruption,crimes ,when these very same ones get pac money (both parties) to keep consumer real estate protection laws off the books. We will speak out,long after this issue has passed-asking congress and the few honest politicans to change the "disaster" like we have now in Montana.This is not about money,it is only about truth,justice and fairness-God protect the victims of Montana,protect her children, poor,elderly,disabled from the wolves that prey on the weak.I and my family pray for ALL the victims.

-- J.D.Morris (J66666JJ@aol.com), September 13, 2000.

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