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I am looking for the names of all the children of Peter Frederick Bluett, last Bluett owner of Holcombe Rogus.

-- Andrew Marshall (, July 21, 2000


Taunton library has parish records for the area and if you have time to search there you will find records of Bluetts who lived in the town, at Holcome Rogus, Greenham, Kittisford etc where they arrived from Gloucestershire in the 15th century AD

-- Robert Anthony Bluett (, February 27, 2001.

Colonel Charles Edward Lane Bluett, J.P. was the third son of Peter Frederick Bluett, born 15th March 1836, married Anna Cooke December 1867 had issue Dorothy Evelyn Harriet (died 6th November 1873) and sons Charles Frederick (born 29 March 1878) and Bertie William (Born 26th April)

-- Matthew Blewett (, July 14, 2001.

My father was Frederick Buckland Bluett, born March 12th, 1915? and died in 1985. His sisters were Mae Bluett and Arlene Bluett of Massachusetts. There's a sword that was handed down to my father from the Colonel and was intercepted by a Bluett family in the San Francisco area. I have heard...the sword hangs above a door. My Aunt Mae Bluett (Hobson)tried to recover that sword for my father. Sound familiar to anyone??


F. David Bertrand (Bluett) (Assumed my mother's maiden name in 87)

-- Frederick David Bluett (Bertrand) (, November 24, 2001.

Hi I have noted your querry about Peter Frederick Bluett's children, and have sent it on to my father, his father was a child of Peter Frederick Bluett - I think, my sister and father are more knowledgeable about these things. Regards Amanda

-- Amanda Jane Bluett (, October 06, 2002.

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