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I listed my property with the Lake Arrowhead California Branch of Coldwell Banker. The agents there told be my house was worth $500,000.00.

So I signed and one month later the agents left the agency and told me they had another agent who would step in and help. Well it was a ploy to get me to sign with them at $500,000.00 and then the new agent states that the property was worth $275,000.00. They blatantly lied to me as to the property value in order to get me to sign the listing agreement. I have since relisted with a reputable agency for the realistic price of about $400,000.00. The new agent and his so called helper tried to rip me off but between me and my lawyer we stopped them before they had the chance.

So beware of Coldwell Banker.

-- Ken Lankford (, July 22, 2000

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