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Continuing Power Cutoffs Trigger Mass Protests in Primorye

Story Filed: Monday, July 24, 2000 2:05 AM EST

NAKHODKA, July 24 (Itar-Tass) - Mass protests have begun in Primorye in the Russian Far East in connection with power cutoffs to cities of the region.

On Sunday, around 400 protesters blockaded the main highway of the city and a railroad running across Nakhodka, demanding immediate power supply to their houses. The protest act continued until midnight, but according to the local police, it had a peaceful character. Nevertheless, el trains and city traffic were paralyzed. In recent days, power cutoffs to Nakhodka lasted as long as eighteen hours per day. Only at night the population was able cook hot meals, do some laundry and ironing.

Blackouts in Nakhodka are caused by fuel shortages at electric power stations in Primorye. Although the population was notified about the reasons for blackouts their life is not getting any better. They have been telephoning administrations of cities and regions, threatening to take to the streets with clubs.

The Vladivostok administration has put the blame on managers of the Dalenergo enterprise, demanding to dismiss it.


-- (, July 24, 2000

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