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Coalition urges new immigrant status laws

An interesting note: A Zogby Poll taken in February, 2000 showed the following: "Curiously, whites were the only racial group in which a majority agreed that LIMITED IMMIGRATION was the best policy, while AFRICAN AMERICANS AND HISPANICS WERE BOTH STRONG IN THE OPINIONS THAT IMMIGRATION SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY CURTAILED."

The unions are trying to increase their dwindling membership (note: the UAW and Teamsters are not in favor of this) and big business loves the cheap, exploitable labor. Every amnesty has encourages more illegal immigration because people in other countries know that it has been done before. This is a failed immigration policy.

BTW, the legal immigrants in my family (my spouse, sister-in-law and her relatives) are fuming over this. Why should anyone go thru the hassle (and expense) of entering this country legally when you have all the benefits and none of the red-tape by entering legally?

********************************************************************** Coalition urges new immigrant status laws


WASHINGTON -- Immigration advocates, backed by the AFL-CIO and several large business groups, are renewing a push for legislation that would make it easier for Central Americans, Haitians and others to achieve permanent status as legal immigrants.

-- K (, July 25, 2000


These articles are not appropriate in this forum. Are you a racist? It appears so. It doesn't matter to me if you are, but this is not the place to post the type of articles you continue to post.

-- (, July 25, 2000.


I am sorry you feel this way. Overpopulation is causing alot of the infrastructure problems we see posted here. Your racist comment confuses me. Since I am part of a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural family, which race are you speaking about? My family not only talks the talks on this issue, but we walk the walk as well!

Maybe this topic is racist to you. The fact is, it was the immigrants in my family who initially pointed out the dangers of overpopulation since they had come from countries which were grossly overpopulated. They don't want to see the intense poverty, disease, environmental destruction that they grew up with passed on to their children.

Don't you want the same for your children?

This issue deserves a more thoughtfull response then the one you have given.

-- K (, July 26, 2000.

I believe that human overpopulation is a catalyst for many of the problems humanity and the earth face today, and tomorrow.

I also believe that apparent availability of resources, like food, is a catalyst for population growth;

What I didn't realize, until reading this week, was that having more babies and living longer wasn't the primary reason for US population growth this past decade; It was attributable to broader immigration practices. I think that's a problem, and would like to understand better the alternatives for tighter immigration practices.

The question has been raised as to whether GICC is the appropriate forum for this conversation. Unquestionably, imo, overpopulation is the single largest threat to world infrastructure, and to humanity's sustainability on the planet. Technology's role in overpopulation, however, appears to be tertiary, an enabler, rather than primary. The greater issues appear to be social.

If GICC is not the appropriate forum, I would appreciate someone posting a URL for where this conversation is being held online, that those of us interested could pursue a greater understanding there.


-- Jan Nickerson (, July 26, 2000.

I agree that overpopulation may be the main problem the world is facing. It leads to all kinds of social unrest. There have been predictions that the next war will be over water, not oil. When you read that China (a nuclear power) is running out of water these predictions become chilling. In this country there have already been lawsuits between states about who controls the drinking water. My town recently had to install a new, deeper well because the old well was running dry. The Aquifers (which can take thousands of years to recharge) are running dry all over this country. Municipal officials are now just starting to realize (or admit) that the aquifers do not recharge as quickly as they thought. This has dire consequences for the future.

I believe that the Y6B (the population reaching 6 billion last October) is a bigger problem then the Y2K problem. A good source of information and links on the overpopulation problem in the U. S. can be found at:

This is a non-profit supported by U. S. citizens and immigrants of all races which discusses this vital issue in a rational way w/o the hysterics and name-calling one usually finds.

BTW, our kids (who will inherit our mistakes) are very worried about the issues we are discussing here. High school students were recently polled as part of their participation in the Capitol Forum on America's Future, an education program developed by Brown University's Choices for the 21st Century Education Project. More than 1,500 students from 64 high schools in Illinois, Connecticut, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and other states participated. The kids were asked to choose their concerns from a list of 12. Their top four concerns were that damage to the global environment will become irreparable (54 percent), nuclear, biological and chemical weapons will proliferate (49 percent), the U.S. will drain its resources trying to solve other countries' problems (37 percent), and increasing immigration will exacerbate strains in our society (31 percent).

-- K (, July 26, 2000.

K, My apologies for the racist comment and I appreciate your explanation. I must have misinterpreted your postings.

I too am concerned about overpopulation. I also appreciate the comments made by Jan.

Perhaps I was too touchy about this issue for personal reasons. Thank you for the additional insight.

-- (, July 26, 2000.

Thanks. I didn't mean to come off as strident, I just get totally frustrated with our politicians for selling all of us out! They are they ones who are encoraging the divide among us all. They are the ones who encourage the name-calling rather then the serious discussions we should be having on this issue. There is no national leadership on this issue. Big business loves to have a large selection of workers so that they can play us off against each other. It is the poor includiing the new immigrants) who are the most hurt by this.

I am entering the twilight of my life, but I am horrified at what I see as this country's future if something is not done soon to stabilize our population which is increasing at record rates due to uncontrolled immigration.

-- K (, July 26, 2000.

Good point K. There is much wisdom in your comments.

Regards, 2centsin

-- (, July 26, 2000.

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