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Alls i know is that i have to make it home by 8pm everyday so i can watch big brother for half an hour (and especially survivor). and if i miss it... i get real grumpy and sulk. Now i know this is pathetic and shows that im a sad, sad individual, but... dammit, if i dont care... im addicted to these god-forsaken shows and i admit it.

whew... that felt good.

-- mike (, July 28, 2000


reality tv can kiss my ass. it seems that most every person on those shows is a coniving asshole, which doesn't make it more interesting at all (for me anyway). is it ironic of me to hate those shows? isn't journalling like a solo version of those things? but they annoy me to no end.

for me, it's bring on the cartoons.

-- siobhan (, July 29, 2000.

I'm addicted to Survivor and The Real World, but Big Brother is just kind of boring and I hate the interruptions for the studio host and audience blah blah blah yammer yammer part of the show. I am apparently also a sad sad individual, I love me some Survivor and Real World ... Road Rules sometimes too.

-- Jamie (, July 29, 2000.

Although I love real world and road rules... out of principle i have to shun these programs due to the fact that as of June 15th of this year i am no longer eligible to be on either of those shows. You see, I turned 24 and I believe the cut-off age is 23... or maybe its 24... not sure exactly, but in any case it makes me feel old and decrepid.

These CBS shows on the other hand are all ages... which makes me feel better. Survivor kicks all ass. and yeah, big brother is kinda weak, but i would still love to be on it.

-- mike (, July 31, 2000.

Here in Oz competing TV channels are showing "Shipwrecked" (the original British version I believe- but very lame) and "Survivor." Watched each once and that was enough for me... but for you reality freaks it might interest you to know that Survivor 2 will be shot in the Australian outback. Mission Impossible 2, Survivor 2, what's next? Oh yeah, the Olympics.

-- andres (, August 01, 2000.

TWO-HOUR SURVIVOR SERIES FINALE BABY!!! you KNOW im going to be there tonight... OH YEAH!... i want Rudy to win. I know im talking to myself here... but this show has just got me all damned giddy.

-- mike (, August 23, 2000.

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