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My neighbor across the street listed his house with CB three days ago. Yesterday the agent that showed up to show his house parked her car right in front of my driveway. Today an agent showed up to show the house and let one of the prospective buyers park her car right in front of my driveway. I made both women move their cars, but sheesh! How rude!

-- Pam (, July 28, 2000


Yes they are all rude. I have rented a townhouse for 3 yrs and the owner lost his job. They hired CB--Annandale, Va.--to sell the house. The agent K. Graff was rude from the start: (1) Wanted my son to change his black sheets to white so the place would be "bright and airy" (2) Reassured me that the lockbox had a timer on it so noone could get in after a certain time...8:30 at night as I was getting out of the shower here comes a realtor through my front door with a client (3) Left me a message that there would be a home inspector coming on the 4th of July because that was the only time he could come and he would be there at 1:00pm. He came alright with the future owners and a partner with CB. They stayed for a couple of hours. I had to leave because otherwise I would have hurt someone. They are so rude and just after their commision. And as a renter you have little say or rights! Something needs to be changed!

-- Nancy Flood (, July 05, 2002.

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