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Local news provided by: Metro Networks August 3, 2000

Grading Errors Keep Some From Graduation

(Baton Rouge, LA) -- As many as 336 seniors may have been kept from graduating because of exit exams test errors and thousands of others may have been required to take unnecessary summer courses. Legislators have been told that many other states that conduct student tests have checks in place that would have caught the sort of errors that resulted in nearly eight-thousand students being told they failed the math part of a basic skills test when they actually passed, according to a an expert for the company that produces the tests. Mark Davison says states including Texas, Illinois and Florida perform their own checks on the work of private scoring companies. In all, about 47-thousand students who took the test in February and April this year received the wrong scores because of errors made by the Assessments and Testing Division of National Computer Systems, a private Eden Prairie-based company hired by the state.

-- (, August 03, 2000

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