what's your favourite stress-reliever?

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Right now mine's Everquest. Hack, slash, kick, loot, run, hack, slash, kick, berserker frenzy. It's not bad. What I really need is a stress-reliever that I can use during the day, at work, when I can't bash things with a gigantic two-headed axe.

-- suriel (suriel@darktapestry.com), August 06, 2000


Hmm.. Friday it was: drink too much... get hit on by a gothic green beret who buys you the drink that does you in. HAH! Saturday: Godzilla movies. Sunday: Dim Sum in Chinatown. Last week: X-Files Marathon - Season One DVD Box set.

During the work-week, we sneak off to a dive up the street and drink. There is also a neverending flow of M&M's here. It comes highly recommended.

I've just got to find a way to fall asleep at night when I've got Burning Man preparations on the brain.

-- LeeNy (leeny@doitnow.com), August 07, 2000.

Stress reliever - I have few as of late. The big one is to WRITE IT ALL DOWN. My Journal at home holds all my anger and frustration. I've also learned how to scream. Screaming is good. Sometimes my stress tends to double back on me so I meditate. Another good one is talking to my friends.

-- shawn (kiwigirl@deadgarden.com), August 09, 2000.

Best stress relief? A long soak in a not-quite-scalding bath with soft music and an ice-cold glass of sweet wine followed by a very thorough massage. If that doesn't fix my outlook on life, nothing will.

Cuddling with an SO in the winter months is a close second.

-- Jared Synn (silverarm@hotmail.com), October 09, 2000.

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