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-- suriel (, August 12, 2000


Once upon a time there was a young woman who worked at a small startup in Seattle, WA. One Friday night she was so enrapt in learning some JavaScript for her web site revamp that she was there until the late hours of the evening.

About 10:30 that night, the CEO of the company came in to get something and noticed her there, staring into the flickering light of her monitor and grinning madly. When the CEO saw what she had done, he asked, thoughtfully, "How much are we paying you?"

And when she told him, he got on his cell phone and called the Director of Finance and woke him up and told him that come Monday morning, the young woman was going to have a raise.

And the young woman gave her gracious thanks and bounded out into the night.

And the moral of the story is: I've got a bitchin' web site. :) (Which is almost finished.)

No, really, it's that every once in a far too great while, loyalty and enthusiasm and willingness-to-learn do pay off. And so does being a geek in general.

True Story.

-- LeeNy (, August 12, 2000.

Once Upon a time there was this girl named Leeny! Who lived in Arizona and then moved away to become a successfull computer geek. All her friends missed her and wished that she would come and visit some time soon.


The End

-- Sage Michaels (, August 21, 2000.

Heh, there's a small possibility that I'll be visiting the weekend of October 13, but I won't know until after Burning Man. But, you can always keep tabs on me at the :) Silly boi.

-LeeN, with apologies to Suriel for using her BB as a personal message board. :P

-- LeeNy (, August 22, 2000.

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