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I invite your comments on my photography Web site,

It includes pictures from a safari in Tanzania, many bird photos, landscapes, and a few flower photos. Prints of the better pictures are for sale.

The pictures are displayed fairly large, optimized for a 1024x768 display. Early on, when all I had was the Africa pictures, I had a mirror page "for small monitors" and kept track of the number of hits. I found that less than 10% of people were looking at the smaller pictures, so I gave up on that approach. Most of the pictures are 600 pixels wide, or if they are verticals, 525 pixels tall.

What do you think?



-- Ross Warner (, August 15, 2000


I am not the most patient person in the world when it comes to waiting in front of computer monitors. I have a slow connection, your thumbnails are large, and many on each page, which makes it, slow to download. I did not like the different colored backgrounds for different galleries, would prefer a more consistent design. The site is easy to navigate, as it is basic html. The technical quality of the images is excellent.

-- Daniel Bergmann (, August 17, 2000.

Ross - Image loading wasn't too bad, even at my connection speed at 42k. There are a lot of very nice images, my only suggestion would be for a little more editing down to ones that stand out, or possibly break them up into more categories. I noticed that although you have some nice sunsets, you have A LOT of sunsets/rises posted. Same goes for the egrets/herons around SW Florida.

Site navigation was easy to follow and get around. I see you are a fellow SS4000 owner, great scanner eh? Thanks for sharing your site.


-- Mark Graf (, August 20, 2000.

I'm using a SprintScan 120 now for medium format and 35mm. To see the MF stuff, go to my main page and click on "Search This Web Site," and then search for "Hasselblad."


-- Ross Warner (, July 19, 2001.

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