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Here is a wonderful set of ideas. I like them.

-- Sean Cleary (, August 15, 2000


Hi Sean- I just read thru this a little and I agree with the general presumption that it will not be an argument about the faith that will bring someone into the Church or to God, (or even answer the really essential questions). What comes first is an experience of God, however that is manifested; in a small stirring, a longing, a great loneliness or sorrow, a joy . Then we experience Him more overtly in the repeated sacramental meeting of man and God in all the sacraments, in particular the eucharist. To meet Christ in the words of the priest forgiving us in His name in the confessional, or in eating His body,His very self, and allowing it to transform us, over and over again, does more to "explain" Him than any line of argument, however sophisticated or compelling. As St Thomas Aquinas said towards the end- about his own amazing work -"It's all straw" compared to the reality of God. Because He is the most beautiful King imaginable.

So yes. I think I will listen to you. Let Christ Himself be our teacher first. So yes. Pray first, question second.

Love, Jane

-- Jane Ulrich (, August 15, 2000.

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