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So theres this McDonalds right around the corner from my office building downtown. Well... everyday theres this was really nice homeless guy that stands outside the doors holding a change cup who opens the door for everyone that walks in and always has a smile and a kind word for everybody. I've always had this policy that I dont give money to homeless people unless extrememly compelled... and thats never... So at first for a long while I didnt give him anything... I just said thank you and walked by. And he never got mad or gave dirty looks or behaved unpleasantly.. he just said nice things like "Have a great afternoon"

Later, when they were doing 99cent Big Mac's I bought an extra Big Mac and handed it to him when I walked out. He was so greatful for it and he kinda just lit up. And so everyday after that, if I had some spare change I'd drop it in his cup. He was kinda like a friend after a while.

Well for whatever reason... he's gone now... he never stands outside that McDonalds anymore and I dont know why. And i kinda miss him. Theres this new homeless guy out there now and he sits grumpily on this beat up old crate that basically blocks one of the two doors so your literally forced to walk in the door that he opens for you and he doesnt even stand up he just leans over and pulls on the door which is the only door you can go into so you usually have to stand there and wait for him to open it for you and he totally expects money from everyone that walks in or out and if you dont give him anything he gives dirty looks and grumbles. And i just know hes always strung out. I refuse to give him anything... In fact... I think I'm going back to my policy of not giving anything ever. I miss the other guy... he was cool... he was good people...

-- mike (, August 22, 2000


sometimes i do. but usually i have no money on me. once i bought some flowers for some guys playing on the street, because i didn't have any cash but i really liked their music.

-- siobhan (, August 23, 2000.

Generally I don't, I've seen too many who are just trying to feed an addiction. Or they are just being lazy, i.e. could fairly easily get a job but just spange instead (not trying to generalize here, but I personally know people like this). I saw a guy standing on the grass by the exit ramp of the interstate once with a sign (forget exactly what it said, something about wanting food as I recall), and I had a sandwich with me that I gave him. It is a rare occasion that I just give money to a stranger asking for it.

-- Jamie (, August 23, 2000.

I better get over the " don`t accept food from strangers " rule or I a gonna starve (not really). I generally share whatever I have, I`m a pisces...I`m only a paycheck or two from the street myself, I think though I`d live in the woods before I`d live homeless in the city.Much safer and also I`d be able to hunt/fish for my meals.I`m to proud to beg anyways,almost to a fault I guess.My pride gets in the way sometimes.

-- Jeff (, September 04, 2000.

Yes, I give money to homeless people, whether I think that they are going to actually use the money to buy food or necessities or not. Their conscious will be judged if they don't use what is given to them. I also feel, however, that they should not stay in the position of being homeless. Everyone has the opportunity to educate, feed, and provide a way of taking care of themselves if they would just only look, learn, and do.

-- Heather Howard (, November 17, 2000.

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