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I have to sell a Beseler 23C enlarger purchased new in the very late 70's with a Componon lens, a GraLab model 300 timer and lots of other equipment for a complete amateur lab. All equipment is in mint condition and purchased,new - used very little.

Plus some miscellaneous older stuff that may be considered antique used by a boyscout in the 1920's.

I don't know how to begin to find an appreciative home for these things or what to ask for the equip

-- dj moore (, August 23, 2000


Hi, I've had great luck selling photo equipment over E Bay.It's very easy to do, Go to, follow instuctions to register, which is free. Choose photo & eletronics, than darkroom equipment. You will see ( sell item) click on that and you will be on your way! Hope this helps you. Kelson Smith

-- Kelson Smith (, September 26, 2000.

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