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I have had a website on-line for 6 months that just went through a rebirth. It contains nature and wildlife images from Iceland. Reviews invited:

dbergmann@vortex.is), August 24, 2000


Oops! http://www.danielbergm ann.com

-- Daniel Bergmann (dbergmann@vortex.is), August 24, 2000.

I have checked the site out a couple of times and I like it. I like the stories, something that I would like to do on my own site, but never found the time to do. The size of the thumbnails is good; the site load fairly quickly for me, and I also like the choice of colors. I always wanted to go to iceland, and your site certainly did not make me want it any less...

-- Fredrik Mvrk (alcedo@euro-photo.net), August 29, 2000.

Hi Daniel,

I really enjoyed your site. The photos and articles are terrific; I can really only say I'd like to see more. I know type design can be frustrating on the web.The typography on your site is very clean and easy to read.

-- Mark Meyer (mark@photo-mark.com), April 19, 2001.

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