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Chatting has never been our batch's speciality. But on 9th september let us all log into the Jipmernet chat room at 1600hrs GMT ie 2130hrs IST for a momentous batch-cybermeeting. I have send letters to all. But it would be helpful if each one remind each other to be there on that day and importantly at that time. Do not forget to log in early and wait. Ofcourse there could be other JIPMERites about. Make it a point to be there. Hear you all there then.


-- chandu prasannan (, September 06, 2000


Dear friends, The chat session was a failure, thanks to the inability of our computers to download the chat program. I tried for a full 1/2 hour and then gave up. I would like to try again at the 1976 batch site at Ofcourse you have to use the password and username I have sent you. For those who are new to the computing world, when you type in the web site address, you will see a page with a block requesting your username and password. Use the one i had sent you previously. Type in all the letters / numbers exactly as was given. Please see that there are no spaces between them. Then click the small button before the statement 'do you want the computer to remember your password'. Then press LOGIN button. You will be transported to the site. In the site there are a lot of sections not properly organised, I should think. But we are interested in Photos section where you can see pictures of some of our batchmates. I am still waiting for others to send me theirs. Then there is this section of News. Here you can read messages from our friends. If you click on to ADD NEWS in the corner of the section, you will taken to a page wherein you can write a message and then click submit / send. Your message will appear on the News section in the front page or home page. Below this section, is the chat section. I have scheduled a chat for today 10/09/000 at 4:00pm GMT. All you need to do is click on the Join a Chat in the corner of this section and you will be taken to a page containing three sections. Choose the GROUP CHAT section and click on launch button and the chat session will be opened in front of you. If you launch WHO'S ONLINE when you are viewing the page at other times, it will tell you who is also viewing the page at the same time as you. If you need further information please ask


-- chandu prasannan (, September 10, 2000.

Just for your information, if you lads have a hotmail email address and have downloaded msn messenger on your computer, we can invite each other for a chat and even conversation if you also have a mic. The advantage of this is that the computer will let you know when someone is online at the same time. Why don't you, Sriram and Gautam give it a try?

-- chandu prasannan (, May 12, 2002.

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